13 Quick Thoughts About DC’s Latest Revamp

Musing about what I like to call the New 49

In June, DC’s revamping and revitalizing their line. These are 13 things that hit me right off:

1. This looks like a very promising line-up. Like the casting of movies, you can only go by past performance and conjecture whether the talent is the right fit for the project. But I really like the diversity of talent and styles. And I’m glad to see the return of mini-series, which are the best way to, ahem, showcase certain characters.

2. I will read Black Canary by Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu. That’s a given — and is probably the book I have the highest hopes for.


3. Gene Luen Yang is an inspired choice to write Superman. His work is humanistic with a real sense of pathos and, often, humor. Just the right combo for Superman done right. Still, I haven’t found John Romita Jr. to be a good fit for this book.

4. DC has not had the best track record since the New 52 when it comes to interfering with creators’ stories and approaches. There are some risks on this list and I really hope there’s more patience and less meddling.

5. Cheers for Trevor McCarthy. A neat artist and nice guy who had Klarion yanked from under him. Aquaman is one of my favorite titles and I foresee good things from Cullen Bunn and Mr. McCarthy.


6. So no more Batman and Robin — my fave Batbook right now. Replaced by Robin: Son of Batman, which boasts a RAD promo image. I am a huge Damian fan so I’m eager to see him solo. Gotta say, though, that while I like Pat Gleason‘s art well enough, I’m leery when artists who aren’t known for their writing, write. I’m rooting for it though.


7. Humor! DC‘s bringing the funny! Bat-Mite! Bizarro! I will read them like a fiend!


8. Dr. Fate, by Paul Levitz and Sonny Liew. That’s just great right there.

9. I will read all the #1’s. Always a great way to discover something you wouldn’t ordinarily pick up. (More on that this weekend.)

10. In that vein, here are the five new books I’m likely to keep reading after #1, based on what little we know right now: Black Canary, Robin: Son of Batman, We Are Robin, Starfire and Dr. Fate.


Amanda Conner

11. And here are the five new books I’m likely not going to keep reading after #1: Doomed, Justice League 3001, Omega Men, Red Hood/Arsenal and Mystic U — whatever it is.

12. Prez for President!


Ben Caldwell

13. What, no Kamandi? Man …

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. So looking forward to that Son of Batman book, too! I grew up with Dick Grayson but Damian is definitely my favorite Robin.

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  2. Omega Men has a chance to end up being really good. Tom King has written some of the best single issues of the New 52 so far. I wouldn’t lump that into the same category as Scott Lobdell’s books.

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