1. I probably said this about Guardians of the Galaxy but if they can make a movie about Ant-Man, they can make a movie about any comic or character — and it amazes me at how slow DC/WB has been on this.

2. Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, I liked Ant-Man better. I compare them only because both are action comedies. I definitely put this one in the upper half of the Marvel movies, at first blush. We’ll see how it ages but I really liked it on the first go-around.

Thumbs up!

Thumbs up!


3. People calling this a different kind of Marvel movie are off base. This is very much a Marvel movie, with tons of Easter eggs, lore and a seamless integration into the larger Cinematic Universe. It’s just that this one’s a comedy. By the way, one of those Easter eggs is the greatest movie cameo in the history of mankind. (Garrett Morris, in case you missed it.)

4. My wife was disappointed there was only one Paul Rudd abs shot. I can understand that. His abs were pretty hot. Not Chris Hemsworth hot, but still.

paul-rudd-displays-ripped-six-pack-abs-in-ant-man-trailer chris-hemsworth-torso-desnudo-escena-thor


5. My wife really loves Paul Rudd, by the way. I’m not jealous. OK, maybe a little. Because he’s seems like such a likeable, regular guy.

6. The Milgrom Hotel. Nice.



7. Who wore it better?

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8. If you were wondering, yes, the Marvel Select online/Disney Store Ant-Man exclusive is worth it. But the Paul Rudd face should have been self-effacingly smirking.








9. You just know that they’re saving Janet Van Dyne for some stunt casting in a later movie. If they’re looking for someone who looks like Evangeline Lilly, here’s a suggestion:



10. Raise your hand if you also think that Michael Pena’s Luis and his crew deserve their own movie.



11. We saw it at the Alamo Drafthouse, which is the greatest movie theater in America. If you’ve never been, they run a bunch of hilarious shorts before the movie that are tangentially related to the feature. In this case, they included screen shots from the latest Ant-Man #1 from Marvel — which references the Alamo Drafthouse.



12. They telegraphed it even before the movie, but it was great to see the Wasp costume at the end. That is a rad outfit and it’s great to see another female Avenger in the … wait for it … wings.

13.Tales to Astonish!” Nice.


NOTE: If all this Ant-Man talk now has you in the mood to read some comics, writer Scott Tipton has a great list of underrated stories to start with, right here

Author: Dan Greenfield

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