Hulk smash — and get smashed!

Boy, Thor and the Hulk fight a lot — and they’re doing it again in Thor: Ragnarok!

Seriously, these guys have been pounding the tar out of each other for about 50 years. So much so that I found a blog called Hero Envy that has a post that exhaustively chronicles every time the Thunder God and the Not So Jolly Green Giant have laid fists (and hammers) on each other.

So get ready to Ragnarok with these 13 COVERS!

Jack Kirby pencils, Chic Stone inks

Ron Frenz pencils and Al Milgrom inks

Mark Bagley pencils and Danny Miki inks

JH Williams III

Gil Kane pencils and John Romita inks

Angel Medina pencils, Robin Riggs inks

Rich Buckler pencils, Al Milgrom inks

Bret Blevins


M.C. Wyman pencils, Mike DeCarlo inks

Stuart Immonen

Rob Liefeld pencils, Jon Sibal inks

Joe Madureira

Cover images and credits from the bombastic Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I would’ve sworn that Ron Frenz one was Buscema. Maybe that’s what he was going for.

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