13 KRYPTO COVERS: It’s the Dog Days of Summer!

It’s summer. It’s hot.

I could easily have done 13 COVERS with Heatwave. Or Captain Cold. Or Iceman. Or Mr. Freeze. Or Firestar. Or the Human Torch. You get the point.

But we are smack in the middle of the dog days, so here are 13 COVERS starring Krypto!

By the way, Krypto always reminds me of this awesome Hembeck cartoon from back in the day:

Seriously, right?

Anyway, it’s worth noting that our cat Lex has a Krypto stuffed animal that he likes to carry around in his mouth. It’s almost as big as he is.

Greatest criminal mind of our time, indeed.

Curt Swan pencils, Stan Kaye inks

Swan pencils, George Klein inks

Swan and Kaye

Neal Adams

Swan and Kaye

Swan pencils, Sheldon Moldoff inks

Dick Giordano

Swan and Kaye

Swan and Klein

Swan and Kaye

Swan and Moldoff

Swan and Kaye

Swan pencils, Adams inks


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Thanks! I’m a sucker for Krypto!

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  2. Who doesn’t love Krypto? A Superboy and his dog.

    Swifty on the cover of Superboy #109 looks a bit like Wonder Dog from the Super Friends!


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  3. I need a Krypto omnibus!

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  4. This post is so much fun. Thank you for sharing. As a dog fan, I’ve always had a soft spot for Krypto and I own several of these…and want them all.

    By coincidence, I just bought a copy of Adventure Comics 310 yesterday. Adventure 262 is the oldest Superman title that I own, and I wanted it for the Krypto cover.

    Like your cat, I do have a few Krypto toys.

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  5. Love Krypto,but it is a shame that Streaky the Super Cat never had covers without Krypto so you could do a Streaky post…maybe you could do splash pages instead of covers????

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  6. I love Krypto, always did.

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