The ’70s were the heyday of Marvel and DC calendars — and we share some fab illustrations…

It’s 2023!

Dig these 13 GROOVY COMICS CALENDAR PAGES — from two of my faves, the Mighty Marvel Calendar for 1975 and the Super DC Calendar: 1976, featuring some of the greatest artists ever.


John Romita, January

Neal Adams, Dick Giordano inks, February

Giordano, September

John Buscema, April

Adams and Giordano, August

Romita, August

Adams and Giordano, April

Romita, July

Adams and Giordano, May

Mike Ploog, October

Adams and Giordano, November

Romita, March

Giordano, October


— 13 COVERS: Happy New Year — Starring HOURMAN! Click here.

— 13 CALENDAR COVERS: Happy New Year! Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Great stuff ! I had the Spider-man man calander from 1978 and the Marvel from 1981.
    Happy New Year to you.

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  2. I had the 1978 Spider-Man and the 1979 Hulk. Loved them! Wish I had bought the 1981 Marvel, as that looked like it had some terrific artwork. Sigh! For the good old days when Marvel and DC used in-house artists to produce fabulous calendars.

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  3. Man, these two calendars were the BOMB! These came out just as I was being introduced to their respective universes, and they helped make me a life-long fan!
    However….I think that Avengers illustration is not just by John Buscema. Cap looks more like Sal, and the Scarlet Witch has a very strong John Romita vibe, don’t you think? Although obviously the Vision is pulled from the cover of his debut appearance.

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    • Could be a jam or Romita could have made adjustments. Def possible. The calendar itself credits Buscema.

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  4. Man, I recall seeing that DC calender in a comic shop in Stockholm when I was just a wee lad. I did not recognize half the characters, but I had seen Neal Adams’s artwork in Finnish Batman releases. I could only buy one item, so I settled for a MAD pocket book…

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  5. Some of these images were repurposed for other merchandising. I had a t-shirt and a house coat with the Adams image of Batman and Robin. I still have the housecoat. I can’t get in it, but I still have it.

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