13 Green NEAL ADAMS Covers for St. Patrick’s Day

Adams go bragh!

I wish I could say this was my idea but it wasn’t. It was Ed Catto’s.

Ed, a comics maven best known to 13th Dimension readers as one of the main guys behind the modern Captain Action, threw me a note that with St. Patrick’s Day coming, I should post 13 COVERS featuring some of Neal Adams’ green covers. Not Green Lantern/Green Arrow (though there’s one in there) but covers that are predominantly green.

It hadn’t even occurred to me that Adams had produced so many but once I thought about it, I knew Ed was onto something.

“One time I was speaking to Neal about his gorgeous Tomahawk covers, and he told me the whole ‘secret history,'” Ed told me. “We’ll have to get that into print one day. But I loved the colors in those covers, and that made me think about all the covers where Neal, or the colorist, used color as an integral part of the illustration. And I also realized that SO many of them are green!”

Jack Adler was integral to the colors on covers at DC at the time, but I know Adams was pretty hands on too. So here are 13 COVERS — selected by Ed — to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

(P.S. I promised Ed that I’d mention that Adams will be a guest at this summer’s Salt City Comic-Con in Syracuse, N.Y. Click here for more info. In addition, you can find Adams’ full convention schedule here to see if he’s coming to your city. And if you’re in NYC, you can hit the Neal Adams Gallery. Click here.)

Author: Dan Greenfield

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