13 Great MARVEL POSTERS That Should Have Been

Dakota Alexander is at it again…

Japan-based artist Dakota Alexander has another groovy project he’s been working on — a line of faux classic Marvel posters that would have been great to have in the ’70s or ’80s. (Or even today, for that matter.)

In a nutshell, he illustrates each poster’s figure and uses the same collage of classic covers as a backdrop.

I’ve picked 13 that I especially dig. (Plus, look out for DC down the line!)

Right on.

Wanna see more art by Dakota? Head to his Drums of the Serpent website. He also takes commissions!


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Great figures but I would have liked the covers in the background to have related to each character. For example, the covers behind Iron Man could have included issues of Tales of Suspense, Iron Man and Avengers (the latter being those in which Shell-head was featured prominently.).

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  2. He did one of Yellowjacket & The Wasp that should’ve been included here !

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