13 Great CAPTAIN ACTION Artists: Wally Wood

One of the originals.

Murphy Anderson, Gil Kane (and Dick Giordano), Joe Jusko

For 13 weeks we’re celebrating 13 great comics artists who’ve put their stamp on Captain Action, the kitschy cool superhero supertoy of yesteryear. Click here for installments on other artists like Murphy Anderson and Gil Kane.)

This week, we return to one of the originals: Wally Wood. Here’s Ed Catto from Captain Action Enterprises:

“One of comics’ grand masters, Wallace Wood was a professional’s professional. As an artist for DC’s Captain Action series, he set the bar high for all other artists to follow.

“Fun fact: back in those days, DC didn’t list creator credits on their comic stories. Wood inked the young writer’s name, and his own name, into the background of the splash page of Captain Action #1. That would provide Jim Shooter with his first professional writing credit.”

And now, some smashing art:

Wood inks Gil Kane. That’s a helluva matchup.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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