13 GORGEOUS ILLUSTRATIONS That Homage the Silver and Bronze Ages

An artist who deserves your attention…

You may not know Ryan Barr’s name or work, but you should. His colorfully stylized illustrations capture the essence of classic comics and both DC and Marvel would do well to consider him for variant cover work.

His output conveys a legion of interests but I’m most taken by his comics tributes — so we’re presenting 13 GORGEOUS ILLUSTRATIONS below. (And you should definitely check out his spectacular Batman ’66 movie poster.)

“My art comes from a love of children’s books, as well as Bronze Age comics,” said Ryan, who was born and raised in New Jersey (like me) and lives on Martha’s Vineyard (not like me). “I try to create work that takes you back to being a kid with bright colors and a sense of pure fun. Some of my favorite artists are Darwyn Cooke, Alex Toth, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Genndy Tartakovsky and Mel Crawford. I love blending all of those influences together into creating work that has a children’s book aesthetic with comic book sensibilities. My hope is to get involved in the kidlit space of the illustration industry, and be represented by an agency willing to have me!”

But enough talk. Let’s look at the art, which channels the Golden, Silver and Bronze Ages (as well as the world of superhero cinema). Plus, check out Ryan’s website and follow him on Facebook:


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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