13 Delightfully Disgusting Splash Pages from HAUNTED LOVE

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Yoe Books’ latest collection is the shameless spawn of Haunted Horror and Weird Love.

There are romance comics and horror comics and then there are romance horror comics (or horror romance comics, if you prefer). On 3/15, Yoe Books and IDW are publishing a collection that celebrates the fevered, sweaty mating of the two genres — Haunted Love, a cacophonous collision of their alternating monthly retrospectives Haunted Horror and Weird Love.

The hardcover, edited by Steve Banes, collects the publisher’s three-issue miniseries that featured a bevy of bodacious, pre-Code abominations from the puerile pens of legends like Carmine Infantino, Ken Bald and the denizens of the Iger Shop.

Normally when previewing these books, we run a short story or an excerpt. This time, I wanted to give you a better sense of the book’s breadth since it features the work of so many writers and artists.

Here, then, are 13 Delightfully Disgusting Splash Pages from HAUNTED LOVE:

Haunted Love is 144 pages and carries a list price of $24.99.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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