13 DC COMICS Artist’s Editions We’d Love to See

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IDW’s announcement this week that the publisher would in 2024 be expanding its line of DC Comics Artist’s Editions — kicking off with Neal Adams and Batman: Year One volumes — was the best straight-up comics news I’ve heard in some time. I’ve long pined for an Adams edition especially and am overjoyed that we’re finally getting one, which will include the covers and some pages from Batman #232 and Green Lantern #76 (in addition to a bunch of other goodies).

Now, naturally, this just makes me greedy. I want more! More! MORE!! See, DC has generally lagged behind Marvel in this department and there are so many volumes I would kill for. (Not really, I’m a peaceful guy. But you know what I mean.)

So here’s a list of 13 DC COMICS ARTIST’S EDITIONS WE’D LOVE TO SEE. I’m keeping this almost exclusively to the Bronze Age because that’s my jam. You’ll also notice that Jack Kirby and Bernie Wrightson aren’t on the list because they’ve already had editions — Kirby, in particular, is well represented. I also recognize that many of these may be impossible because of any number of limitations, so consider this kind of a fantasy exercise, as well.

Anyway, feel free to add your own choices in the comments — but keep in mind heavyweights such as Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns (by Graphitti Designs) have already been done. (All images courtesy of Heritage Auctions.)


Detective Comics by Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers. This list isn’t in any particular order except this is the one that I want more than any other. And it’s not close, either. After Adams, Rogers is my favorite Batman artist and the story by Steve Englehart is definitive. Plus, I would love to see Rogers’ pages both with and without Terry Austin’s marvelous inking.


Superman vs. Spider-Man. IDW publishes both Marvel and DC Artist’s Editions, so maybe, just maybe, they could pull this one off.

Neal Adams, Ross Andru and Dick Giordano

The New Teen Titans. Come on, George Perez’s defining work? That’s a no-brainer. I’d choose between the first six issues, plus the DC Comics Presents #26 preview, and The Judas Contract. Hell, why not both!

George Perez and Romeo Tanghal

John Byrne’s The Man of Steel. Byrne’s my fave Superman artist and it would be wonderful to get an Artist’s Edition that collects the six-issue miniseries.

John Byrne and Dick Giordano

More Neal Adams! Of course I want more Neal Adams. Lots and lots more!

Adams and Giordano. For all I know, this will be in the announced AE. But you get my point!

Crisis on Infinite Earths. Just imagine poring over these pages jam-packed with just about every notable DC character.


Kryptonite Nevermore. Essential Bronze Age Superman, with art by Adams (covers) and interior pencils by the great Curt Swan. (Plus, Murphy Anderson inks!)

Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson

George Perez’s Wonder Woman. Another for Perez — and what many consider to be the best Wonder Woman run ever.


DC Bronze Age Horror Covers. Every month in BRONZE AGE BONANZA, we feature several horror covers by the likes of Adams, Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, Luis Dominguez and others. Because very often they were among the best covers that DC was producing at the time. I would love to see a round-up.

Luis Dominguez

Steve Ditko at DC. I imagine this one is exceptionally unlikely but hey, how about a collection of Creeper, Hawk and Dove and other wild Ditko DC art?

Steve Ditko

Warlord by Mike Grell. Iron Mike’s magnum opus in a format befitting his epic series.

Mike Grell

The Brave and the Bold by Jim Aparo. Everybody loves Jim Aparo, so a collection of Batman teaming up with a bunch of guest heroes and villains would be tremendous.

Jim Aparo

DC: The New Frontier. The most modern project on the list but good heavens, imagine seeing this Darwyn Cooke masterpiece in the raw.

Darwyn Cooke



— Here’s Your Second Chance to Get JOHN BYRNE’S X-MEN ARTIST’S EDITION. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Great choices. I would also love to see a Curt Swan/George Klein collection from the Silver Age.

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  2. Why is Ditko not a likely candidate? I’d love to see these in print.

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    • 80s Swamp Thing by Steve Bissette and Totleben .
      Yes to a New Teen Titans: Annual 2 is a favorite or one with covers since he inked all of those.
      Would love one of George Perez original pencils from the 80s JLA Avengers team up that did not happen.
      A Nick Cardy one: Bat Lash, Teen Titans, did a lot of covers.
      Love the idea of DC horror covers and Rogers Batman.
      Or a DC Shadow : Kaluta, Robbins.
      Ditko would be awesome : Shade , Stalker, Creeper. .
      You can go on forever….

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    • Just because a lot of his art is hard to come by. I have no idea if there’s enough out there to make an Artist’s Edition.

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  3. I’m all on board for Man of Steel, Perez Wonder Woman, and DC: The New Frontier.

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  4. Aquaman art by Nick Cardy
    Sea Devils art by Russ Heath

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    • I would add Batman Vs Hulk (gorgeous oversized art by José Luis Garcia Lopez)

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  5. I love many of your selections and would love to see Grell’s two page spreads from almost every issue of Warlord in such a collection. Grell was so skilled so I’d love to see more of his work at this larger size and maybe some of his LOSH covers/issues. Thanks for including his name on the list of works of your favorites.


    PS I would add a few more Kirby drawn issues of Kamandi or some of the old house style guide books to this great list of fantasy projects.

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  6. the mention of The Warlord sent me down an internet rabbit hole – I have about the first 60 issues but lost interest after that. Grell’s art was always the main draw for me – the sword and sorcery stuff was secondary.

    I’m surprised that the Rogers/Austin Detective stuff hasn’t been collected – it seems to have such a sweet spot in fans’ memories from the 70s. For me, it was the best iteration of Batman and some of the best comics art I’ve ever seen.

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  7. I think Longbow Hunters would be great too!

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  8. Yes, a Mike Grell one would be great !

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  9. So many of these Artists’ Editions show the inked pages, which are largely the same as the published pages without the color. (Yes, occasionally you see some white-outs or margin notes, but they’re… um… marginal.) I’m sure it’s hard to obtain the pre-inked, penciled pages (and in some cases, they’re non-existent), but I’d prefer to see those wherever possible.

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