13 DC COLORING BOOK COVERS to Make You Feel Good

Hey, keep your crayons out of the sun!

Last week, we had a grand ol’ time showing off 13 COVERS of vintage Marvel coloring/activity books. Because we love kitschy fun and funny kitsch.

So naturally, we had to follow up with 13 COVERS spotlighting DC.

I will say at the outset that Marvel had a more diverse selection of characters, but these DC books are appealing just the same — and a couple go all the way back to the Golden Age.

Right on.

1981. Holy crap, it’s a knock off of the Live and Let Die poster!






1944. Look, I know this is not technically DC but it belongs here based on the selection.








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Most scans and pubdate info from Retro Reprints.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I have vivid memories of that Super Friends coloring book as a kid.

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  2. I had a Superman GIANT coloring book as a kid (I remember it having a purple cover), and decided i was going to color it with NO mistakes, all inside the lines, perfectly. So I made a blanket fort and went to work. After a few masterpiece pages, I emerged from my blanket hideout to show my mom, and , to my HORROR, I had colored Superman’s blue suit PURPLE, in every picture. It seems, if you are going to aim for coloring perfection, don’t do it in the dark.

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  3. Some great selections here, a few of which I have never seen! I had a Superman The Movie giant coloring book, and a Batman and Robin vs. Riddler one. That one, and many of these had covers by Ross Andru, it seems. Looks like Dick Giordano on the “Mystery of the Million Dollar Joke” cover. That book was kind of a sequel to “The Laughing Fish”. Joker makes good on his promise to make Joker Burgers!!!


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  4. I had the 1967 Batman book. Love the book, but even as a preschooler the way his nose stuck out from under the mask of the cowl looked “wrong” to me. I guess I was an early proponent of “on model.”

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