13 DAZZLER COVERS to, Well, Dazzle You

Featuring Sienkiewicz, Springer, Jusko — and MORE!

Time for another 13 COVERS gallery just for the fun of it. This time it’s Dazzler.

Why? Why not!

So grab your skates, turn on the disco ball and check out these 13 COVERS by artists including Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Springer, Joe Jusko, the Romitas and MORE:

Bob Larkin

Bill Sienkiewicz

John Romita Jr. pencils, John Romita Sr. inks

Joe Jusko

Sienkiewicz pencils, Klaus Janson inks

Frank Springer


Photo by Eliot R. Brown


Bob Layton

Sienkiewicz painting, Brown photo




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— INSIDE LOOK: Bill Sienkiewicz’s MARVEL ARTIFACT EDITION. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I thought I was dreaming when I finally saw the live action Dazzler in the latest X-men movie. Although it was just a few seconds on stage, she was magnificent.I haven’t seen her since.
    What an Easter egg for Dazzler fans!

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