A team-up that shouldn’t work — but does…


Neal Adams’ permanent art gallery at his Midtown Manhattan studio is now complete and we’re giving you an EXCLUSIVE inside look with 13 DAYS OF THE NEAL ADAMS GALLERY.

Each day, we’re highlighting one of the pieces of art that adorns the walls of the gallery, complete with Neal’s EXCLUSIVE commentary. You’ll see a diverse selection of pages and covers featuring the characters for which Adams is best known.

The gallery, which is open to the public, is located at 15 W. 39th Street. Admission is free but you have to call first before you come over (212-869-4170). For tons more info on the gallery and what you can see — and buy — there, click here.


For the complete 13 DAYS OF THE NEAL ADAMS GALLERY INDEX of stories, click here.

Y’know, it’s funny how well Batman and Aquaman go together. They really shouldn’t at all, and yet they do. Some of Bats’ best Brave and the Bold adventures — both in the comics and the TV show — featured the Swift and Powerful Monarch of the Ocean.

Well, Adams tapped into that in Batman: Odyssey, when he had Aquaman pop up at an opportune time. And then we were treated to this magnificent creature, below.

I’ll tell you, seeing it in full size on the wall of the gallery stops you in your tracks…


Here’s Adams:

Batman: Odyssey #5. Pages 2 and 3. Give an artist an opportunity to draw a gorilla or a whale and he will always jump at that opportunity. Add to that an opportunity to draw my version of Aquaman. Life becomes perfect for the artist. And oh, did I say negative space? I resist saying to people that comics are an art form, but even I fall prey to this weakness.”

For the complete 13 DAYS OF THE NEAL ADAMS GALLERY INDEX of stories, click here.

For a video tour of the Neal Adams Gallery, hosted by Neal himself, click here.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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