13 DARK KNIGHT COVERS: A Frank Miller Birthday Tribute

Frank Miller turns 60.

Normally, when we do a 13 COVERS salute, we feature a selection by the artist or writer in question. But when a guy hits an age with a 0 or a 5 at the end, you wanna do something a little different, y’know?

So why not feature covers that Frank Miller inspired? Specifically, 13 COVERS from Dark Knight III, which have been produced by some of the very best in the biz. (By the way, last year we featured 13 Daredevil covers by Miller and Klaus Janson. Click here to check ’em out.)

Now, I’ve written a goodly amount on Miller and The Dark Knight Returns so I figured it’d be some added birthday fun to point you to at least one of those stories — where Writers and Artists Pick Their Dark Knight Returns ‘HELL YEAH’ Moments. Click here.

Now, to the 13 COVERS:

Dave Gibbons

Darwyn Cooke


Klaus Janson

Greg Capullo

Cliff Chiang

Giuseppe Camuncoli

Paul Pope

Brian Stelfreeze

Jill Thompson

Terry and Rachel Dodson

Gabriele Dell’Otto

Chris Burnham

Most cover images and credits from the grim and gritty Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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