A BIRTHDAY SALUTE: One of comics’ greatest creators turns 82!

Putting together a birthday salute to Roy Thomas — who was born 82 years ago on Nov. 22, 1940 — is harder than you’d think. Typically, we focus on a specific title but Thomas wrote so many stories, so many characters, so many series for both Marvel and DC, it’s hard to choose.

So this year, we’re going with Thor — which Thomas wrote in the late ’70s/early ’80s — because we’ve never highlighted Rascally Roy’s Thunder God before.

And now — RAGNAROK!

John Buscema pencils, Tom Palmer inks

Buscema pencils, Bob McLeod inks

Keith Pollard pencils, Bob Layton inks

Dave Cockrum pencils, McLeod inks

Buscema, with alterations by Marie Severin

Pollard and Layton

Buscema pencils, Joe Sinnott inks

Pollard pencils, Chic Stone inks

Pollard and Layton

Pollard and Layton



Buscema (who possibly inked this as well)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Back when Thor was rocking it!

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    • SURELY!

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  2. There were two characters that as a kid I couldn’t get into – Hulk and Thor. However Marvel Movies have made these accessible and fun, enough that I want to read through the old Thor issues. Amazing how much of this run was used in the movies. Bravo Roy!

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  3. I may not exactly find this Thor run the smoothest of reads, but due props to Roy “The Boy”; he was bold enough to use Asgard’s favorite son of the Marvel Universe to retell Wagner’s “The Ring” cycle for kids! Happy Birthday, Roy!

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  4. Wow!! Happy Birthday Roy! His “All Star Squadron” was a favorite of mine when my life wasn’t going so well!

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