The Boy of Steel, as rendered by the master…

Hey, Back Issue #142 comes out March 15 and its theme, as you see, is Superboy in the Bronze Age. The ish is jammed full, with a Boy of Steel history, along with a number of other groovy features.

Dig the table of contents:

BI #142

We did a more expansive SNEAK PEEK over here with a look at Superboy #182’s bonkers Batman “origin story” but it’s only fair to focus on the Boy of Steel himself as part of our EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT, so dig these 13 COVERS — all by Neal Adams and all featured in Back Issue #142.

Right on.

I couldn’t resist a “bat” reference, after all.


Back Issue #142 is due March 15 and will be available through comics shops and magazine sellers. You can also order it directly from publisher TwoMorrows. Click here.


— SUPERBOY #182: The Unhinged BATMAN Origin Story Nobody Remembers. Click here.

— THE TERRIBLE TRIO: Inside the Wackiest Filmation SUPERBOY Cartoon of Them All. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Adams did some fantastic Superboy covers.

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  2. Prime material for a collected edition!

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  3. I remember this period. I kept wondering when things were going to return to normal. To me, the emergence of Adams and the retirement of Mort Weissinger were twin mortal blows to The Silver Age. I drifted away from current comics around 1971 and didn’t return until the early ’80s. I hung in until a couple of years after the crisis, then stopped buying new material all together.

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