13 COVERS: The Marvel-ous World of STAR TREK

AN ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: The Final Frontier — courtesy of Frank Miller, Dave Cockrum, Walt Simonson and MORE…

Hey, it’s Star Trek’s anniversary! The show premiered 56 years ago on Sept. 8, 1966 — and you can check out our TOP 13 STAR TREK EPISODE COUNTDOWN here.

But since we’re primarily a comics site, we’re also bringing you 13 COVERS — this time from Marvel’s short-lived series from the early 1980s. We’re talking pieces by Frank Miller, Walt Simonson, Dave Cockrum and others.

As Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

Far out.

Steve Leialoha

Bob Wiacek

Bob Larkin

Dave Cockrum pencils, Klaus Janson inks

Joe Brozowski pencils, Terry Austin inks

Cockrum and Janson


Brozowski pencils, Palmer inks

Michael Netzer

Frank Miller pencils, Gene Day inks

James Sherman pencils, Larry Hama inks

Miller and Janson

Walt Simonson


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. These covers are absolutely incredible. Also, happy anniversary to “Star Trek.”

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  2. I will say it to my dying day… the cover of #5 is a masterpiece. One of the best designed, and drawn covers of the era. I never knew it was Miller.

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  3. Wow. I never saw that Miller/ Gene Day cover. Really cool.

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