13 COVERS: The Goofball Antiheroes of THE SUICIDE SQUAD

Polka-Dot Man’s day in the sun has finally arrived…

13th Dimension columnist Fred Van Lente, a veteran comics writer who knows of what he speaks, earlier this week picked THE TOP 13 JOHN OSTRANDER SUICIDE SQUAD STORIES. It’s a typically outstanding piece by FVL and you should click here to check it out. (Thank me later.)

But there was one line Fred wrote that jumped out at me and crystallized the enduring appeal of superhero comics: “They are equal parts sublime and completely stupid.”

This is true, fundamentally so. And if you think that’s an insult, then you’re missing the point. Because no matter how serious the subject matter is — read: Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen — these comics are about people who dress up in outlandish outfits and beat people to a pulp (or worse) in the name of justice.

As wonderfully entertaining and as inpiring as that can be, it is, at its core, ludicrous.

Aka Polka-Dot Man. Sheldon Moldoff pencils, Charles Paris inks.

And I love that! Which is why, despite the fact that I never bothered to see the first Suicide Squad movie, I am amped for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, which debuts this week in theaters and on HBO Max.

If Gunn understands anything, it’s that dress-up comics are inherently silly and wildly appealing. Especially when stuff gets blowed up real good.

So in that spirit, we present 13 COVERS: THE GOOFBALL ANTIHEROES OF THE SUICIDE SQUAD. (Including the Big Bad.) Not every member of the film’s cast is represented but my faves of the bunch are — and when you see a number of them in their natural element below, you won’t be able to stop giggling to yourself.

Which is a really, really good thing.

Dig it.

The original crew! Ross Andru pencils, Mike Esposito inks.

Starro! Art by Brian Bolland.

Polka-Dot Man! Art by Sheldon Moldoff.

Harley Quinn! Art by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts.

Peacemaker! Art by Tod Smith — for 13th Dimension columnist Paul Kupperberg’s mini that influenced Gunn…

Weasel! Art by Rafael Kayanan. The prudish singlet is what makes it.

Amanda Waller! Art by Jerry Bingham.

Captain Boomerang! Carmine Infantino pencils, Joe Giella inks.

Bloodsport! Art by John Byrne.

King Shark! Tom Grummett pencils, Karl Kesel inks.

Rick Flag! Luke McDonnell pencils, Dave Hunt inks.

The Thinker! Art by Gil Kane.

John Ostrander’s first team. Art by Howard Chaykin.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I just luv that Atom cover. Recently picked up a copy too.

    Now why won’t I be going to see the new SS movie? Never been a fan of the anti-hero and I’m just so over anything to do with Harley. For me her character is so over used and so unbelievable. I wish she had just stayed in the BTAS world.

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