Break out the broadswords…

Hey, didja hear the news? Conan the Barbarian is returning to Marvel Comics next year.

Of course, his most storied comics run was at the House of Ideas, mostly during the Bronze Age, from 1970 to 1993.

So, to celebrate, here are 13 COVERS by some of the Cimmerian’s greatest Marvel artists. And perhaps I’ll follow up with The Savage Sword of Conan:

Barry Windsor-Smith pencils and John Verpoorten inks

John Buscema pencils, Ernie Chan inks

Gil Kane


Gil Kane pencils, Vince Colletta inks


Paul Smith



Ernie Chan

Jack Kirby pencils, Joe Sinnott inks. With alterations by John Romita.

Buscema and Chan


Cover images and credits from the barbaric Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Don’t know what this means for the future of Conan, I mean, I’m pleased to hear this and all, but the past Marvel Conan work is there. Buscema made it that. He had such a feel for the character and the world. Everything down to a candle on a dirty tavern bar table, to the bar maids who danced and served the drinks,…Buscema was the man. His anatomy, his power, his eye for that world. So great! And when he combined those few issues in “Savage Sword” with Alfred Alcala it took it to another level (despite Buscema’s objections to his inking as I’ve read – it was transcendent art) Here’s hoping they can find someone out there to do it justice.

    I’m still wondering about that Conan movie that’s been teased for so long. Really set my imagination in motion from the suggestion of it in the first movie. “With a furrowed brow Conan wore the crown upon his head, but that is another story.” Let’s see it.

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