13 COVERS: Kirby Romance!

Day 4 of our Jack Kirby anniversary celebration!


Jack Kirby was born Aug. 28, 1917. He would have been 98.

To celebrate, we’re doing seven days of 13 COVERS.

We’ve done New Gods, Captain America and Kamandi so far. So why romance comics? Because why not!

Kirby not only practically invented the genre with Joe Simon, but they were so successful at it that the King was evidently able to buy a new house in suburbia.

And I gotta tell you, I laughed out loud picking through some of these because they are ripe with campy humor. (Craig Yoe knows what I’m talking about.)

Anyway, I think you’ll dig these covers.

(Here’s our usual caveat: These are subjective lists and not meant to be definitive. This is not a ranking of any kind. This is pretty much what I like and you may feel very differently. So, rather than moan about a cover you don’t see, instead join in the fun and share your own choices in the comments section or in whatever social-media thread you saw this.)

Part 1. The New Gods! Click here.

Part 2. Captain America in the Silver Age! Click here.

Part 3. Kamandi! Click here.

Also: If you want a good look at the Kamandi Artist’s Edition from IDW, click here.

And now some Kirby Romance!














And we wrap it up with this, which shares the same cover date with … Fantastic Four #1


All covers from the awesome Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I love this work for years I’ve ignored his LOVE and ROMANCE comics books but now I seek them out.
    Why well you ask?

    When one looks at YOUNG ROMANCE #44 in the last story on page #5 the top right panel I see an image that looks like it was used later in Fighting American #1 as the face of newspaper reporter Nelson or if you want to go technical on me the rebirth of his dead brother Johnny Flagg!

    And I see more signs that just this one..
    That is why he is still “the KING”!

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  2. I do not know why my url would not work when i tried to enter it!

    Please let me know if the person who monitors this blog could add it for me.

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