13 COVERS: Celebrating DAREDEVIL in the Silver Age

Matt Murdock, R.F.N. (Rest For Now)…

Marvel is apparently killing off Daredevil this week in Issue #612, by Charles Soule and Phil Noto. For now, at least. (That’s not a spoiler, by the way. The name of the arc is The Death of Daredevil and the ongoing title will be taking a break.)

But, hey, why not celebrate Ol’ Hornhead’s start in the Silver Age?

(Oh, and you can find our Bronze Age salute by clicking here.)


Jack Kirby pencils, Bill Everett inks.

Wally Wood

Gene Colan pencils, John Tartaglione inks

John Romita pencils. Either Frank Giacoia or Romita inks.

Colan and Giacoia

Romita and Giacoia

Colan and Giacoia

Colan and Giacoia

Colan and Giacoia

Kirby and Romita

Barry Windsor-Smith pencils, George Klein inks. Alterations by Romita.




— 13 COVERS: Celebrating DAREDEVIL in the Bronze Age. Click here.

Cover images and credits from the daring Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. It’s hardly a rarity, but I’d replace either Stilt-Man cover with Wally Wood’s for DD #7 (Daredevil Battles the Sub-Mariner!), which introduced Hornhead’s all-red costume.

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  2. The Ani-men Wood cover! Should be there

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