13 COVERS: CAPTAIN AMERICA Being a Straight-Up Hero

The Cap you know and love is back 11/1…

I’ll get this right out of the way: I had no problem with Captain America as a Hydra agent. It was never going to be permanent, it didn’t subvert the character and people lost their minds for no good reason. Hell, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby used the trope themselves when they had Cap salute Hitler in 1965.

No, the Hydra storyline’s biggest crime was that it went on for way, way too long. So I’m glad Good Ol’ Cap is back next week under the guidance of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee:

Captain America #695

And to get you in the proper mood, I give you 13 COVERS of Captain America Being a Straight-Up Hero. This is Cap kicking ass, taking names and posing for posters — from the Golden Age to today:

Steve Epting

Al Avison pencils, George Klein inks

Ron Lim pencils, Jim Lee inks

Mike Zeck pencils and John Beatty inks

Gene Colan pencils and Joe Sinnott inks

Patrick Zircher

Frank Miller pencils and Joe Rubinstein inks

Jack Kirby pencils and Frank Giacoia inks

John Cassaday

John Byrne pencils and Rubinstein inks

Marie Severin pencils and Joe Sinnott inks

Bryan Hitch pencils and Paul Neary inks

Jack Kirby

All credits and images from the heroic Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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