13 COVERS: Back to the Beginning With WOLVERINE

The first big superhero movie of the year is here.

Logan is out 3/3 and pretty much anyone who’s seen it loves it. As I write this, Rotten Tomatoes has it at a startling 96 percent.

But as we’re wont to do, we’re gonna take things back to the beginning with a 13 COVERS gallery featuring Logan — aka Wolverine (obviously) — in his Bronze Age days (plus a couple years).


Herb Trimpe with John Romita Sr. alterations

Frank Miller pencils/Joe Rubinstein inks

Gil Kane and Dave Cockrum

Terry Austin

Paul Smith

George Perez pencils/Bob Layton inks

Miller and Rubinstein

John Romita Jr.

Dave Cockrum pencils/Bob Wiacek inks


John Byrne pencils/Terry Austin inks

Miller and Rubinstein

John Buscema pencils/Al Williamson inks

Cover images and credits from the berserker Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Loved that Buscema one. Also loved his run on Wolverine. He was a little guy with kind of thin legs. So great.

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