13 COVERS: Back to the Beginning With the FANTASTIC FOUR

Didja hear the news?

You heard the news, right? The Fantastic Four are returning to their own series in August. Marvel announced it and everything.

It was going to happen, even though a lot of people were afraid it was not going to happen but now it’s definitely going to happen. It’ll be a happening!

Dan Slott will be writing and Sara Pichelli will be the artist.

Cool. But that’s August.

So, what say we go back to the beginning with Stan and Jack and a fine and dandy 13 COVERS celebration?

Let’s do it!

All are Kirby pencils, natch:

George Klein inks

Chic Stone inks

Joe Sinnott inks

Sinnott inks

Sinnott inks

Sinnott inks

Possible Kirby inks. Possible Al Hartley alterations.

Sinnott inks

Sol Brodsky inks

Stone inks, Kirby photo collage

Brodsky inks

Sinnott inks

Kirby inks

Cover images and credits from the fantastic Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The shilling product on the cover of the product at Marvel always amazes me…I had everyone of those titles. Now I wonder what my motivation was to buy them…

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