13 COVERS: April Fools’ Day With… THE JOKER!

This is one tribute you know to be true…

It’s April Fools’ Day!

Makes you think of April Fools’ jokes, right?

Which makes you think of the Joker, right?

So here are 13 COVERS starring the Joker!

See how that worked out?

Dick Giordano

Fred Ray pencils, Jerry Robinson inks

Alan Davis pencils, Paul Neary inks

Nick Cardy

Ernie Chan

Neal Adams

Jerry Ordway

Murphy Anderson

Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Jim Aparo

Carmine Infantino pencils, Murphy Anderson inks

Marshall Rogers pencils, Terry Austin inks

Greg Capullo pencils, Danny Miki inks

Cover images and credits from the laugh-riot Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Not sure about Endgame. He’s had some pretty good appearances in The Batman Adventures. The cover to Batman: Gotham Adventures is pretty cool. Didn’t The Joker prank Snapper into letting him to the JLA’s headquarters once?

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  2. Anything from or marked as “52” should never be held up to those other eras. The #11 is my personal oldest in my collection.

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