13 COVERS: An ERNIE CHAN Birthday Celebration

The late Bronze Age stalwart was born 82 years ago on July 27, 1940…

Some fans think of Conan the Barbarian when they think of the late artist Ernie Chan (aka Chua). Others, like me, think of Batman.

But Chan was also one of DC’s top cover artists in the mid-’70s, spread across a variety of titles, such as Superman, Wonder Woman and The Flash, to name a few.

So for this year’s 13 COVERS birthday tribute, we’re presenting a selection from those three books (though there were many, many more he worked on).

Dig it.

Bob Oksner inks

Oksner inks


Oksner inks

Oksner inks

Oksner inks


— 13 SPLASH PAGES: An ERNIE CHAN Birthday Celebration. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: An ERNIE CHAN Birthday Celebration: 2020 EDITION. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I remember when initially digging into Bronze Age comics, not being too keen on Ernie Chan art. But over time, I realized that he really WAS a great draftsman! In fact, sometimes his artwork was the saving grace for a sometimes iffy issue of “Batman”! (Sorry, people… I just DO NOT LIKE most David V. Reed stories…)

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  2. I can remember all these covers on the spinner. Definitely a favorite cover artist for my taste.

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  3. Love his Wonder Woman covers

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  4. So many great covers! Chan’s an awesome part of my childhood.

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