13 COVERS: An ALL-STAR Birthday Tribute to E.E. HIBBARD

He was no Flash in the pan…


Born 114 years ago on May 8, 1909, the late Everett Edward Hibbard (better known to fans as E.E. Hibbard) took over illustrating the Golden Age Flash comic feature in Flash Comics #3 (March 1940), replacing Harry Lambert, and became the regular Flash artist pretty much wherever the speedster appeared, including in All-Flash, Comic Cavalcade, and All-Star Comics. In addition, he drew the first monumental covers of the Justice Society of America in All-Star Comics as well as the bridging panels between one hero’s story and another’s.

Enjoy this 13 COVERS birthday tribute:

Though not mentioned on the cover, the issue contained the first appearance of Wonder Woman.


— THE FLASH #137: The JUSTICE SOCIETY’s Silver Age Revival — 60 YEARS LATER. Click here.

— INSIDE LOOK: The ‘Mego’ JUSTICE SOCIETY Playset You’ve Waited Decades For. Click here.

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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