13 COVERS: A Super-Strange SUPERMAN Super-Salute!


Hey, it’s Super Sunday! Now, I could do 13 COVERS featuring football and whatnot but I’ve done that for Thanksgiving (click here) so why repeat myself?

Tony Tallarico

Instead, let’s celebrate … SUPERMAN! And not just Superman, but Super-Strange Superman!

Let’s kickoff! (Get it?)

Nick Cardy

Curt Swan pencils, Stan Kaye inks.

Swan pencils, Sheldon Moldoff inks.

Neal Adams

Swan pencils, George Klein inks.

Swan and Kaye

Wayne Boring pencils, Stan Kaye inks.

Swan pencils, Murphy Anderson inks.

Bob Oksner

Al Plastino

Swan and Klein

Swan and Anderson

Swan and Klein

And as a Super Sunday bonus:

Mike Sekowsky pencils, Dick Giordano inks.

Cover images and credits from the super Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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