13 COVERS: A NORM BREYFOGLE Birthday Celebration

Norm Breyfogle was born Feb. 27, 1960.

As I noted a year ago, Norm Breyfogle is an artist who inspires a level of admiration enjoyed by only a limited number of Batman artists, particularly after the Bronze Age.

He’s one of the first people I interviewed in the early days of 13th Dimension (check that out here — you’ll dig it) and I’m glad I got the chance — especially since I was able to resurrect this bit of history:

Check out the lower left. Dig that crazy bandanna mask! And all that CHEST!

Now, with his birthday upon us, here’s a 13 COVERS salute! (Oh, and for another set of 13 COVERS, check out our salute from last year. Click here!)

Cover images and credits from the slick Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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