13 COVERS: A MIKE SEKOWSKY Birthday Celebration

The late Silver Age stalwart was born 98 years ago…

So many of the the Silver Age’s grooviest covers were Justice League of America covers. And so many of those groovy JLA covers were pencilled by the late Mike Sekowsky, who was born 98 years ago on Nov. 19, 1923.

So here’s a 13 COVERS birthday celebration spotlighting Sekowsky’s JLA. (I didn’t include one of my absolute fave covers of all time because of reasons that’ll be come apparent soon. What a tease!)

Anyway, also make sure you check out Paul Kupperberg’s column: MY 13 FAVORITE MIKE SEKOWSKY COMICS. (Click here.)

Dig it.

Murphy Anderson inks

Anderson inks

Anderson inks

Joe Giella inks

Anderson inks

Anderson inks

Jack Abel inks

Anderson inks

Anderson inks

Anderson inks (main image); Bernard Sachs inks (floating heads)

Anderson inks

Anderson inks

Abel inks


— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite MIKE SEKOWSKY Comics. Click here.

— SILVER AGE DEATH MATCH: Justice League of America vs. Fantastic Four. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Some “fun” covers for sure. I especially like the JSA ones.

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