13 COVERS: A MARIE SEVERIN Birthday Celebration

The late, great satirist was born 94 years ago on Aug. 21, 1929…

Not only was Marie Severin a tremendous colorist and first-rate straight-up comics artist, she was a gifted satirist, as well.

But you know that.

So dig these 13 COVERS from three Silver and Bronze Age Marvel parody titles — Not Brand Echh, Spoof and the original Crazy!

Right on.


— 13 COVERS: A MARIE SEVERIN Birthday Celebration — 2022 Edition: CAPTAIN AMERICA. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: A MARIE SEVERIN Birthday Celebration — 2020 Edition: SPIDER-WOMAN AND MORE. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Wishing a happy birthday to the late Marie Severin.

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    • Happy Birthday Marie. Wonderful artist.

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  2. Marie has always been one of my favorites! Her name hit my radar when I was a kid and saw that FOOM cover with the Marvel offices… have loved her ever since.

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  3. I think I grabbed a couple of the “Spoof” issues in used stores back in the 70s. Love this! (I never saw the “Darn Shadows” one!

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  4. Is it possible Mike Zeck’s cover to “Secret Wars” no. 1 is a “Crazy” no. 1, Marie Severin homage?

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