13 COVERS: A KELLEY JONES Birthday Celebration

Our pal Kel turns 61!

I’ll always owe a debt of gratitude to Kelley Jones. When 13th Dimension was in its toddlerhood waayyyyy back in 2015, Kelley made time to talk to me when he really had no reason to whatsoever. The website was only kind of a blip on the comics landscape. (We’ve grown quite a bit since then, thanks to you great readers!)

Anyway, our man Kel turns 61 — he was born July 23, 1962 — so we present our latest 13 COVERS birthday salute.

This time around it’s a selection from various Batman limited series and the like.

Check these out — I guarantee you’ll sleep with the lights on tonight.

Happy birthday, Kelley!


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— The KELLEY JONES Interviews: How Marshall Rogers Lit the Fire. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Jones.
    The 2-part CONVERGENCE SWAMP THING series was a “FUN” read.

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