13 COVERS: A JOSE LUIS GARCIA-LOPEZ Birthday Celebration

So, so clean.


Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez was born March 26, 1948. The 68-year-old is perhaps best known for his work on DC’s merchandising. His images of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest are everywhere. Heck, just last night I bought a Batman and Robin cup with his classically old-school style on it at the supermarket. And just recently, a style book he did for DC in the ’80s made the rounds to much fanfare.

So pretty.

Anyway, here’s our 13 COVERS selection for Mr. Garcia-Lopez’s birthday. I also want to mention that he will be a guest at East Coast Comicon just across the river from New York City in April. If you want to come meet him, ticket info is here.

(My standard caveat: This is a subjective list and not a ranking of any kind. This is pretty much what I dig and you may feel very differently. So, rather than beef about a cover you don’t see, instead join in the fun and share your own choices in the comments section or in whatever social-media thread you saw this.)



Dave Gibbons inks

Dave Gibbons inks

Dave Gibbons inks

Dave Gibbons inks



Dan Adkins inks



Adkins inks

Adkins inks



Joe Prado inks

Joe Prado inks


Cover images and credits from the clean-as-a-whistle Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The Legacies covers are by Gibbons, but great choices!

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