13 COVERS: A HERB TRIMPE Birthday Celebration

The late Marvel stalwart was born 81 years ago…

Artist Herb Trimpe was born May 26, 1939, and, more than anything, he’s known for an incredible Incredible Hulk run that began late in the Silver Age and took him well into the Bronze.

Here are 13 COVERS — and to see past birthday galleries, check out the links below.


Dan Adkins inks

John Severin inks

Severin inks

Severin inks


— 13 COVERS: A Herb Trimpe Birthday Salute: 2018 Edition. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: A Herb Trimpe Birthday Salute: 2016 Edition. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Hulk by Herb is a triumph by Trimpe. SMASH hit!

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  2. Great covers. Thanks for sharing. Mr. Trimpe is really an under-appreciated artist. I always enjoyed his work in the Marvel Super Heroes reprints and the Hulk treasuries when I was a kid.

    That rat cover is freaky…I bought it as a back issue but I’ve always considered it one of the grossest covers I’ve ever seen.

    When I was in elementary school, I had a Mead notebook featuring the cover art to 189.

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