13 COVERS: A DICK SPRANG Birthday Celebration

A selection of the late, great artist’s underappreciated covers…

Who doesn’t love Dick Sprang? Seriously! I defy you to find someone who doesn’t dig his work.

Anyway, Sprang was born 108 years ago on July 28, 1915, and this year we’re doing something a little different with our 13 COVERS birthday salute — a gallery that features less-heralded work. Fans tend to focus on his villain covers or his most inventive ones. Makes sense. But there are plenty of others that deserve recognition too.

So dig these 13 UNDERAPPRECIATED DICK SPRANG COVERS — with nary a clown or umbrella fetishist in sight.

All are from Detective Comics, just because.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. In their own way, I bet both of those Scarfaces were dummies, too.

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    • Absolutely. The best Batman artist of his day.

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  2. Love these covers.
    I think todays comics could learn a lot from the golden age stuff, the fun that’s missing.
    Happy Birthday Mr Sprang !

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