13 COVERS: A DAN JURGENS Birthday Celebration

A SUPERMAN SALUTE to the artist, who turns 64…


One of the things about Superman is that he often gets the best comics artists on his titles. Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, Neal Adams, George Perez and Jerry Ordway, to name just a few. Oh, yes, and there’s also Dan Jurgens (born June 27, 1959). The various titles he has been involved with have all been terrific but I liked his work best when he was drawing the Man of Steel.

Here’s a look at 13 COVERS (actually 12 covers and one spectacular gathering of Superman and his friends):

Action Comics #1000 (June 2018) variant cover. Kevin Nowlan inks.

Adventures of Superman #463 (Feb. 1990). Brett Breeding inks. Nice homage to the cover of Superman #199 (Aug. 1967) by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson.

Armageddon 2001 #1 (May 1991). Terry Austin inks.

General Mills Presents Justice League #1 (2011). Sandra Hope, inks.

Superman #59 (Sept. 1991). Brett Breeding inks.

Superman #82 (Oct. 1993). Brett Breeding inks.

Superman #82 (Oct. 1993) chromium-enhanced cover. Brett Breeding inks.

Superman #86 (Feb. 1994). Joe Rubinstein inks.

Superman #150 (Nov. 1999). Kevin Nowlan inks.

Superman/Fantastic Four (May 1999). Jurgens pencils, Alex Ross painting.

Superman & Lois Lane: The 25th Wedding Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Nov. 2021). Jerry Ordway inks.

Zero Hour: Crisis in Time 25th Anniversary Omnibus (2019). Jerry Ordway inks.

Zero Hour #3 (Sept. 1994) interior page; Dan Jurgens, story and art; Jerry Ordway, finished art.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. What!? You didn’t include one of his first covers from The Warlord! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN! Thank You for getting me into comics, all those years ago! I still cherish those childhood memories with a happy heart! And so glad I was able to pass them on to my Nephew Ryan! I Hope You Had The Best Day!!!⚡️❤️

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