13 COVERS: A BRIAN BOLLAND Birthday Celebration

If I could figure out how to turn the ‘N’ around, I would…

I can’t explain it, but for whatever reason, I’ve never done a 13 COVERS tribute to Brian Bolland.

Forgive me. I’m at a loss. That makes no sense.

But no time like the present, right? Bolland, who was born March 26, 1951, turns 67 — so here are 13 of his best DC Comics covers. (Why DC? Because I like themes.)

Naturally, you’ll have a favorite that’s missing. That’s because there are so many great ones. That’s cool. Just add it in the comments below or in whichever social-media thread you found this.

And there’s always next year!

Cover images and credits from the precise Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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