13 CLARK KENT COVERS to Celebrate Labor Day

Hey, those blue suits cost money, y’know?

Everyone goes on about how Batman is more relatable than Superman because he’s human and not a nearly omnipotent humanoid from another planet.

But, y’know, how relatable is spectacularly wealthy playboy Bruce Wayne who only occasionally shows up to check in on Wayne Foundation business?

Clark Kent? Well, he may not have to eat, but he’s got rent to pay, suits to buy, ties to dry clean.

Think about it: Even the most powerful man on the planet is a working stiff like you and me.

So here are 13 COVERS starring Clark Kent to celebrate Labor Day.

Let’s punch in:

Curt Swan pencils, George Klein inks

Rich Buckler pencils, Frank Giacoia inks

Al Plastino

Swan and Klein

Bob Oksner

Swan and Klein

Nick Cardy

Swan and Kaye


Ross Andru pencils, Mike Esposito inks

Swan and Klein

Swan and Klein

Cardy. (Neal Adams billboard.)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Great theme choice! Love Cardy’s Superman 277.

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  2. Nick Cardy did some spectacular Superman cover art! This was my first ever Superman- and I loved it. The panicked look on Clark’s face- the joy on the face of the jumper- Lois with a look of surprise (Why didn’t I think of that- oh wait I tried that many times). I wonder if the addition of Neal Adam’s Superman was a last minute paste-in to get Superman on the cover?

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  3. Brings back a lot of memories. I had a lot of these issues!! Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Great selection of covers from the beginnings to the Bronze Age.

    I hate that Superman 296-299 has only been reprinted once, and that was in the 1980s. That was a great story and needs to see the light of day again.

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