13 CHECKMATE COVERS Just Because It Was a Cool Series

Paul Kupperberg’s baby is features in the new Back Issue…

Back Issue #141 — the “Spies and P.I.s Issue” — is out Jan. 11 and it’s all about, well, spies and P.I.s.

Among the many cool features is a take-out on DC’s Checkmate, which was co-created by our pal and columnist Paul Kupperberg and artist Steve Erwin. So instead of our usual EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from the TwoMorrows mag, I decided to post a 13 COVERS gallery of the fan-fave title.

So “check” these out — along with the mag’s table of contents.

Right on.

Kerry Gammill pencils, Karl Kesel inks

Gil Kane

Rob Liefeld pencils, Al Vey inks

Steve Erwin pencils, Michael Bair inks


Erwin pencils, Keith Wilson inks


Jerry Bingham




Erwin pencils, Dick Giordano inks

Erwin and Vey

Back Issue #141 is due Jan. 11. It will be available at comics shops and booksellers but you can also order it directly from TwoMorrows. Click here.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. OK, that looks like an exceptionally cool series that I missed out on. I can’t find any TPB’s for that title (the easiest way to read old titles, IMO). Should I take it that there hasn’t been one, and probably won’t be?

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    • Yes the first Checkmate series has not been collected. And no plans yet that we’re aware of

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  2. I’m currently re-reading this series and finished #6 last night. It’s as fun as I remember. This was a great time in DC history.

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  3. The one with “The Janus Directive” cover dress is available in a Suicide Squad TPB. Later Checkmate run by Greg Rucka has been collected, but I don’t believe is still in print.

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