13 BATMAN TRADING CARDS: A Norm Saunders Birthday Celebration

The late, great pulp artist was born 116 years ago…

The 2023 Batman calendar is the DC Comics Batman Collector’s Edition Calendar, which features the 1966 Topps card art painted by Norm Saunders

And one of the Batman collectibles right now is the McFarlane Toys’ action-figure 4-pack lunchbox, based in part on the card art…

Groovy, eh?

Well, Saunders was born 116 years ago this week on Jan. 1, 1907, so how about 13 BATMAN TRADING CARDS to celebrate?

One thing to note before we get started though: Saunders is widely credited as the painter of these cards but it’s also believed that Bob Powell penciled them. I’m not sure if that’s the case with all or some of the cards, so if you have any solid intel, add it in the comments.

Meanwhile, dig these from all three series — Blue, Black and Red:



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’m really impressed by how well the late Mr. Saunders captured the “Batman ’66” universe through his art!

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  2. I collected them as a youngster back in ‘66 and now I have two sets of the beautiful glossy reprints that Topps issued in 1989. I also have the 44 reprint cards that came with the deluxe 1966 Batman Blu-Ray release.

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  3. I always wished the drama of the card sets had been matched by the 1966 tv series. After a few episodes, I realized that Batman was not going to be like George Reeves’ Adventures of Superman. It was pretty much done after they introduced each major villain in the first season. I wasn’t there to watch Batman for the laughs…

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    • Totally agree with Kevin. I was looking for a serious Batman tv series not a comedy. Now I wish they would release a reprint of the Adventures of Superman cards.

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  4. Like others have said, the card sets capture what we wished the series would have been, not that it wasn’t a success as it was. The “spike trap” card conjures up memories of the best Batman 66 story arc: Catwoman’s Purr-fect Crime/Better Luck Next Time.

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