13 BATMAN FAMILY Covers to Make You Feel Good

Just for fun.

Pound for pound, Batman Family was the most consistently entertaining Batbook of the Bronze Age. Which means it was the most consistently entertaining comic book of the Bronze Age.

So let’s dive in with 13 COVERS. For the hell of it, really.

Oh, and to widen the pool I’m including the Detective Comics issues from after the two titles’ 1978 merger.

Dig it.

Main image pencils by Gil Kane, with inks by Murphy Anderson. Yes, it’s originally from Detective Comics #369 but I don’t care. This was my first issue. It’s also how I learned what “astonishing” meant.

Main image by Mike Grell. Batman image by Nick Cardy.

Main images by Jim Starlin

Ernie Chan pencils, Vince Colletta inks

Jim Aparo

Dick Giordano



Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Mike Kaluta





— BATMAN FAMILY: The Coolest Batbook of the Bronze Age. Click here.

— BATMAN FAMILY’s Greatest Villain: The Joker’s Daughter. Click here.

Most cover images and credits from the fantastic Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Batman Family (including it’s run in Detective Comics) is my all-time favorite comic run ever!

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  2. Could not agree more. Bronze Age is my favorite period. Everything up to Crisis.

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  3. JLGL drew a Beautiful Batgirl on DETECTIVE #487.
    DETECTIVE #495 was the 1st Dollar Size comic I ever bought.
    Love DC Bronze Age.

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  4. That Kaluta cover is gorgeous. What a great way to introduce the Dollar Comic format for the series. I remember it hitting the shelves when it came out. In the last couple years I’ve been able to buy it on a t-shirt & a canvas print.

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