13 BARBIE COVERS Because How Can We Not?

Across the Spider-Verse? Check. The Flash? Check. Now… BARBIE!


In recent weeks, pop culture fans of all ages have gotten more and more excited for the new Barbie movie. Part nostalgia, part kitsch, part meta – no one can really put their finger on why it is capturing “everyone’s” imagination. It all sure looks like fun.

Just about 30 years ago, Marvel Comics was producing two surprisingly good Barbie comics series. They were fun stories, with strong-but-simple artwork, many times about Barbie and her young sister Skipper.

A very young Cassie Catto was a reader. She was dragged to the local comic shop each week by her dad, Ed. She did enjoy getting comics of her own — especially Marvel’s Barbie.

This letter from Barbie #39 says it all:

Little Cassie grew up to be a young, stylish professional herself, just like Barbie, but still has an eye for comics. And so, to add even more madness to the Barbie Buzz, here are 13 GREAT (MOSTLY) MARVEL BARBIE COVERS:

Barbie #27. What could be more “Barbie” than Barbie as a ballerina in full pink mode? A lovely cover by Amanda Connor.

Barbie Fashion #4. Barbie Fashion was the companion title to Marvel’s “main” Barbie series. This clever cover, by Amanda Connor with inks by Andy Mushynsky, combines real world photographs for a “Big New York Adventure.”  Of note – this cover features the logo used on the first few issues of both Marvel series.

Barbie Fashion #39. This lovely cover may have been riffing on The Little Mermaid (the Home Video/VHS debuted about this time). Fans can see that artists Amanda Connor and inker Jeff Albrecht found a clever way to work their credits into the scene.

Barbie #37. The cover to this issue is fun, and this is the issue that had my name in the letter column!

Barbie #41. Hi-yo, Barbie!

Barbie Fashion #21. It’s so chilly that even the logo has icicles on this cover. Also of note – the direct-market issues of many Barbie comics would showcase the iconic Barbie “B” in the UPC box area.

Barbie Fashion #15. John Lucas inked Amanda Connor on this buoyant cover.

Barbie #12. This cover may also have been influenced by the home video release of Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.

Barbie #24. Skipper makes a rare cover appearance, although she was frequently the hero of the stories!

Barbie #28. This looks like Marvel added a special green color to the mix to make this one pop. Of note – the dripping paint on the logo. “Be careful of your logo, Barbie!”

Barbie #2. You can almost hear those sleigh bells jing-jing-jingling!  And note the clever logo in the UPC box.

Barbie & Ken #2, Dell (1962). This short-lived Dell series promised glamourous worldwide travel for the two dolls!

Barbie #51. When it comes right down to it, any time is time for fun… for Barbie!


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Cassie Ludwig is professional at PWC and resides in Charlotte, N.C., with her husband and dog.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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