10 Quick Thoughts About ‘Thor: The Dark World’

My wife and I took our son to see “Thor: The Dark World” tonight. We just got home. Here are 10 quick thoughts, without spoilers:

1. I think I like the Thor movies better than the other solo Avengers movies.

thor the dark world poster


2. Tom Hiddleston is as good as everybody says he is and he will one day win an Oscar in something. Not this, but something.



3. Chris Hemsworth is not as good an actor as Tom Hiddleston but I want to make out with him.



4. As long as Lizzy Caplan is in the world, there’s no reason for Kat Dennings to exist.



5. But I still like her more than Natalie Portman.



6. Jaimie Alexander would make a good Wonder Woman, I agree.



7. And Helen Mirren should have been Thor’s mom.



8. I had no idea this was Christopher Eccleston.



9. I have seen two Thor movies. The only Thor comic I have ever read is Thor: The Mighty Avenger. I still don’t plan on changing that.



10. So sue me.



Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Mike Zapcic and I saw it tonight as well and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  2. Simonson’s run on Thor is visually incredible but a little over-complicated, especially for someone not into comics like Thor or Hercules and isn’t as familiar with the Marvel universe in general (e.g.: me)

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    • Which is why I’ve never gone down that Rainbow Bridge. I recognize the artistry, obviously. But we all have gaps in our reading history and Thor has never been a character who interested me. Except for the movies. But that’s why The Mighty Avenger was so great. Extremely accessible and fun. Very much in the same vein as the movies.

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  3. Enjoyed the movie much more than I thought I would (Loki almost deserves his own film). Now I want a Beta Ray Bill movie. That’s it. Yep.

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  4. As cosmic (and then some!) but not as complicated as Walter Simonson’s run on Goldilocks? Try Kirby & Lee at their apex. Just sayin’. Oh, Dan, and you’re right about Lizzy Caplin. Loved her since Party Down…

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    • He’s just one of those characters I could never relate to. We all have our gaps, right?

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