NYCF: Bone Marrow Drive in Honor of SETH KUSHNER

Graphic novelist Seth Kushner was to be a guest at the New York Comic Fest on June 14. But since he can’t be there, we’re hosting a bone marrow drive in his honor, with Delete Blood Cancer. Details:

Photo by Carlos Molina

Photo by Carlos Molina

Seth, who wrote Schmuck, and may be even better known as a great photographer for awesome projects such as “Leaping Tall Buildings,” has leukemia and awaits a marrow donor.

So Delete Blood Cancer is going to be at the Westchester County Center, swabbing and informing folks on how being a donor works. (More on that below!) Even if they don’t find a match for Seth at the event, there are millions of others who could use your help and you as their match! You can get tickets here.

So come on by. Registering takes less than 5 minutes. If anyone is ever a match, the Delete Blood Cancer people tell me there’s an 80 percent chance the donation would be a stem-cell collection via blood draw, as opposed to an actual bone marrow donation.

Either way, it’s your chance to be somebody’s superhero.

Oh, and cool story: That pic above of Seth doing his best Heisenberg? Well, a friend got Walter White himself — Bryan Cranston — to sign a print. True story. And a great one.




Since he’s been in the hospitalized, Seth’s been drawing pictures of superheroes for his son, Jackson, and posting them on Facebook. Here’s a selection of our favorites. Below the gallery is the eligibility criteria for being a donor.

The Match -- a Seth creation that he says he plans to utilize soon.

The Match — a Seth creation that he says he plans to utilize soon.

My personal favorite.

My personal favorite.









From Delete Blood Cancer:

We want to make sure that helping a patient get healthy won’t impact your health. Please review the following list of conditions. If you’re not sure about a condition, feel free to call us: 212-209-6700.

You are eligible to register if you are:
between the ages of 18 and 55
in general good health
at least 4’10” and 110 lbs
below the max weight listed for your height on the chart below

You are not eligible if you have:
Hepatitis B or C
Kidney or liver disease
Chronic or severe neck or back problems
Epileptic or other seizure within past year
Diabetes that requires medication
Sleep apnea, breathing problems or severe asthma (daily inhalers are acceptable)
Autoimmune disorders such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia

Or a history of:
heart disease/surgery
strokes, including TIA
blood clotting or bleeding disorders
cancer, with the exclusion of melanoma, breast, bladder, cervical (stage O, in situ) and cured localized skin cancers such as basal cell or squamous cell


Author: Dan Greenfield

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