HERO-A-GO-GO!: Your Guide to MARVEL’s Silver Age Paperbacks

Trade collections in their infancy…

Every Saturday for 13 weeks, we’re serializing Back Issue editor Michael Eury’s upcoming book Hero-A-Go-Go! — a ginchy exploration of the Silver Age and Swingin’ Sixties. For other installments, click here.

Hero-A-Go-Go! is due 4/19. You can pre-order it here.

For this week’s installment, I’ve decided to present a complete segment as presented in the book itself. It gives you a real taste of just how much fun it is to page through this colorful work by Michael Eury.

The subject? Marvel’s ’60s paperbacks:

NEXT: The Swift and Powerful Monarch of the Ocean. Click here.

You can pre-order Hero-A-Go-Go! here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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