GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW to Get Omnibus Edition in 2024

Denny O’ Neil and Neal Adams’ ground-breaking work gets its first omnibus…

Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams’ seminal 1970s Green Lantern/Green Arrow run in 2024 will get its first omnibus edition — the latest format to reprint one of comics’ greatest masterpieces.

Dig the official description, according to online listings:


By Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams

The Emerald Archer and the greatest space lawman who ever lived team-up to take on problems in society right under their own feet on planet Earth.

Should a hero be concerned with the galaxy when they can’t help their own planet? It’s a pointed question that Green Arrow asks to Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) point blank in the Green Lantern/Green Arrow: Hard Travelin’ Heroes Omnibus. Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams tackle subjects in this superhero story that had never been seen in mainstream comics prior. Travel across the United States with Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan as their superhero alter egos to understand the subtleties of issues that our country was facing in the 1970s.

A few thoughts:

— The cover above is one I selected to illustrate this post. Oddly, the placeholder image (below) given with the listing is not from this run, or even by Neal Adams. (It’s from the cover of Green Lantern #91, pencilled by Ernie Chan and inked by Frank Giacoia.) But hey, I’m sure that’ll be corrected come publication time. Unless…

— … the book will also include the O’Neil-Mike Grell run? I don’t like to speculate but no issues are listed with the description, which says the book is 1,152 pages. That page count is awfully high given the length of the O’Neil-Adams arc. So, there’s a chance that this info is not entirely accurate or complete. The book also has not been solicited by DC yet, so anything can happen. Just keep coming back to 13th Dimension for updates.

— In any event, the omnibus lists for $125 and is due March 19, 2024. This is one of comics’ most reprinted sagas, to be sure. But for those who collect omnibi (or for those who still don’t own the stories), this is good news.



— GREEN LANTERN: DC to Release ALL-AMERICAN COMICS #16 Facsimile Edition and SILVER AGE OMNIBUS This Fall. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. DC “coming soon” book descriptions always seem to be written by interns with little knowledge of both comics history and research skills. In this case it appears they picked up a description for the over-sized hard cover of the O’Neil/Adams run and changed it to include the word “omnibus”, but did little else. An omnibus of this size should include the contents of the books Hard Traveling Heroes and Space Traveling Heroes as well as a myriad of back-ups featuring GL and GA.

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    • To be fair, this is an early description. As I note in the story, these things often change.

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  2. Not sure I need this one…. as noted, it’s been done multiple times already. The price point would need to come way down before I will consider it.

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  3. Am probably the only one who thinks DC should separate the O’Neal/Adams run as it’s own omnibus (which, folks, they already have) & not create an omnibus that includes GL’s & GA’s solo stories from Action Comics & The Flash plus the O’Neal/Grell run from issue 90 onward. That later 70s material is not in the high bar level of the O’Neal/Adams run. It’s like creating a Blu-Ray set of the masterpiece film Casablanca with Bogart & then adding the David Soul series with it.

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