Figures Toy Company Announces Trump Action Figure Nobody Wanted

At least they still have an Obama figure in stock…

Y’know I’ve been a fan of Figures Toy Company over the years. I’ve written quite a bit about them. They brought back Megos. They produced a stellar line of Batman ’66 figures.

But now there’s this announcement today:

Good lord, do we really need this?

Because I can’t imagine wanting this in my house near shelves with actual heroes on them. But, hey, if collecting guys who degrade the presidency, brag about sexual assault and espouse hate is your thing, have at it.

At least the sculpt looks nothing like him.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Jerk. Leave politics out of this. What is wrong with you? You just insulted me and millions of other good Americans.

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      • You are welcome. Glad some one has manners.

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        • If you support Trump, you ain’t a good American.

          Wait a few months, you’ll be denying you ever supported him, and we won’t let you forget you did.


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  2. Looks like as much work went into,creating this figure as the man who shall go unnamed will put into new apprentiship.

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