EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Batman ’66 and the Madness of King Tut

Rest in peace, Victor Buono. The folks at DC’s Batman ’66 have done you justice.

And here’s an exclusive preview of this week’s Issue #23 of the digital-first comic.

The DC blurb: Trapped in ancient Egypt with King Tut, can the Dynamic Duo find their way back to the present? More importantly, can they stop themselves from getting eaten by crocodiles? Batman and Robin’s time-traveling adventure concludes in this week’s episode of Batman ‘66.

Story by Jeff Parker, art by Ruben Procopio, cover by Michael and Laura Allred. Available starting Wednesday at DCComics.com, the story will also be included later in a print edition of Batman ’66.

Now, the fantastic art! Ka-Kick!






Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Batman ’66 is such a fun read. I’m glad that DC is going back in time and revisiting it! Hopefully they will give Jeff Parker the opportunity to bring characters like Two-Face to the ’66 continuity!

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  2. I suspect that Tut’s henchman Waylon will turn into Killer Croc given that there are crocodiles in the story, and he has the same first name as Croc’s alias, Waylon Jones.

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  3. It really is a terrific book. A great antidote to so many of the overwrought books out there today.

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