Custom MEGO Box of the Day #12: ROBIN OF EARTH-TWO

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As part of TOYHEM!, we’re bringing you a series-within-a-series — the Custom Mego Box of the Day, by 13th Dimension contributor and customizer extraordinaire Anthony Durso.

Custom Mego Box of the Day #11 was inspired by George Reeves Superman. Click here.

And, now we bring you Custom Mego Box of the Day #12:


Says Anthony: This has been a customer request several times over the years and this is my most current version. It’s a typical WGSH-style box with the other characters down the sides. Some box makers will just use characters that Mego originally had down the sides but I don’t like to roll that way. I’ve seen Marvel characters using the original Marvel/DC hybrid sides and that’s just not what Mego would have done if they actually made these characters. I try and use characters that fit with the action figure whose box it is, so for this one, Earth-Two Robin is joined by fellow JSA members Wildcat, Johnny Thunder/Thunderbolt, Hawkman, Mr. Terrific, Hourman and Wonder Woman. (They all appeared together in 1967’s Justice League of America #55.)

Says Dan: Another personal favorite. But I also have a sentimental reason for posting this one today: It’s my son Sam’s 21st birthday. My own Robin has grown up!

Anthony Durso is the owner of Retropolis Tees (click here) and The Toyroom toy package customizing company (click here), so make sure you check out his nifty wares.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. That is one of my all time favorite JLA covers.

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  2. Figures Toy Company should really do a Mego version of this Earth 2 Robin. Actually very surprised NO company has ever done one yet. Great costume.

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  3. If I could have an Earth-Two Robin Mego or Captain Action set, I’d never ask for another thing…My absolute favorite pose from my favorite comic book cover. I have this image all over my classroom and it’s always fun to explain to my students the original idea of multiple earths. I always wanted to see a comic book story where the Dick Grayson from Earth-Two talked to his counterpart from Earth-One as he was breaking away from being Robin and becoming Nightwing. There would be a great story about why the Golden Age Dick Grayson chose to stay in his Robin identity to give the Earth-One Grayson some things to think about before he made his decision.

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